Summer home refresh

Longer days and warmer nights mean that Summer is officially upon us! Garden parties, BBQ’s and family gatherings are all but just a few of the reasons why now is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your home with some summer-inspired home decor. Start planning that party, you’ll definitely want to show off these new pieces.

Summer scents

While spring may be all about the florals, summer fragrances should be bright and airy. Think coastal scents of seawater and breezy beaches or soft fruity fragrances that resemble your favourite cocktail or summer dessert. Setting up a reed diffuser in your home will set off the summer vibes as soon as your guests walk through the door. Our top pick for this season is our Guava Avocado Diffuser for a powerful, fresh scent.

And who said candles are just for winter?! A refreshingly scented candle can brighten up the evenings and create a cosy atmosphere that’s perfect for family gatherings. We recommend our Lemon and Tea Tree Glass Candle for an invigorating and blissful summer fragrance.

Garden decor

If you are planning on having a garden party or BBQ this Summer, you’ll want to make sure you create a fun and vibrant atmosphere outdoors that matches your interior style. Choose versatile decor pieces that can be transported outdoors when it’s lovely and sunny outside. Think bohemian textiles in bold aztec prints, macrame wall hangings and glass lanterns; all of these will create a trendy outdoor space for you and your loved ones.

Go for gold

Bring the warmth of the sun indoors by decorating your home with gold accessories this season. While spring was all about yellow, summer is all about adding gold decor pieces that will bounce the sunlight around the room, making extra use of that gorgeous golden hue on summer evenings.

For more summer home decor inspiration, check out our new-in items!

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