Candle Safety

Candles are a fabulous way to add ambiance to your home and to fragrance your rooms. However, candles have naked flames which represent a serious fire hazard. Every year hundreds of domestic fires are started by candles which is a tragedy as just following a few simple steps will ensure that your beautiful candles are completely safe to use.

We have some wonderful candles for you here at Chickidee but please do read the following tips before using candles in your home.

Candle Holders

If your candles are not supplied in a jar or similar container they should not be used until you have obtained suitable candle holders. Choose stable, heat resistant accessories that will hold the candles securely and offer somewhere for the heated wax to drop. We have a lovely collection of candle holders to choose from right here. You should be especially careful with scented candles as these are designed to liquefy easily in order to release more of the scent. 


Always position your candles on stable surfaces which are out of the reach of children and pets. Keep the candles a safe distance away from any flammable objects like curtains, soft furnishings and Christmas trees. Never place candles on plastic surfaces which can easily melt and takes care to keep candles far enough apart that they cannot drip wax onto each other.


Your candles should be positioned in well ventilated rooms but away from any draughts. Draughts can emanate from vents, open windows and doors being opened into the room. Draughts can cause uneven burning, rapid burning, dripping wax and soot marks. The candle flame can also be redirected to contact items nearby including other candles.


Trim your candle wicks to less than 1cm in length before lighting them. Lengthy wicks can bend to cause uneven burning and dripping wax. If a wax pool does develop keep it clear of debris and flammable materials and do not use knives to clear wax from glass holders as they can shatter.


You should never try to extinguish a candle with your fingers as this can be ineffective and could result in burns. Don't blow on them either because you can splatter the wax. Use a snuffer or a spoon and avoid using any water as this can cause the wax to splutter and the sudden change in temperature may cause any glass holders to shatter. Extinguish your candle immediately if it constantly flickers, smokes or the flame suddenly becomes high. These are all signs that the candle is not burning correctly and therefore could be hazardous. Do not allow your candle to burn down completely but rather leave at least 2cms of wax in the holder. Always check that your candle is completely extinguished before you leave it unattended as smouldering candles can reignite

General Safety

Never leave candles unattended wherever they are, especially if you have children or pets. Extinguish the candles every time you leave the room as it only takes a few seconds for a fire to start if the candle is knocked over. Ensure that you have functioning smoke alarms in the home just in case and establish escape routes for you and your family in case you suffer a fire, whatever the cause.

If you follow these simple, guidelines then you can enjoy the wonderful aroma and fabulous atmosphere created by our candles in complete safety. You shouldn't miss out on the benefits of candles, especially during the festive period, but please do take care!