Adding luxury to your home

Who doesn’t love a touch of glam in the home? Our opulence range brings together golds, glassware and intricate marble for that luxurious look. For tips on how you can spruce up your interiors with this new homeware trend, keep reading!

Mix up metals

Luxury and opulence go hand-in-hand with metallics, particularly gold in both cool and warm tones. To get the look in your home, start by accessorising with shimmering textiles like with our sequin cushions. Mixing metals and patterns will create a chic, styled look without overdoing it, while adding neutral cushions in beige will accentuate the metallic pieces.

Go vintage

Like a fine wine, some things are just better with age. Adding some vintage-inspired pieces to your home will create a feeling of grandeur. If you adore the style of manor houses in the countryside and want to live like the Royals, these pieces are a modern take on classic vintage décor.

Our Roman Numeral Clocks in opulent gold will look perfect above a fireplace, while our ornate photo frames make the ideal finishing touches to a deluxe interior.

A fragranced home

Our opulence range wouldn’t be complete without a way to liven up those other senses. Luxury isn’t just about appearances; luxury is about how a space makes you feel. It should lift your mood and create a striking atmosphere that hits you as soon as you step into a room. There’s no better way to do this than by tapping into that sense of smell.

Our reed diffusers slowly release their scent into the room, making the fragrance stick around for longer and filling up every corner of the room. For that true opulent scent, go for the Espresso Martini or Guava Avocado diffusers.

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