How to get organised

We all know that life can be messy, literally and figuratively. There are times when it feels like everything is happening at once and you can’t keep track… birthdays - so many birthdays! While it might initially seem like a lot of effort to keep things tidy and organised, in the long run, you’ll feel a lot more in control.

Plan ahead

It might seem obvious but making a note of all your key dates and having them stored in one place will help you prepare ahead of time. A personal planner is the ideal companion for an organised person. Our faux leather planners include a calendar, to do lists and meeting notes in individual sections helping you find everything you need. Compact and lightweight, you’ll be able to carry our planners around with you so you can jot down anything important and manage your calendar accordingly.

Tidy as you go

One of the worst things you can do with your house and desk is to let things pile up and tell yourself ‘you’ll sort it later.’ While it might seem easier in the moment, eventually, you’ll have to get to it, and it will be way worse than if you had just cleaned and tidied in the moment. Washing up one plate is much better than 20 plates in one go. You’re not saving yourself any time by leaving it and you’ll be left with a home that is disorganised, messy and unclean.

Keep note

Writing things down instead of relying on your memory can help you absorb information quicker. It also helps to have a designated notebook for different areas of your lift so that you know exactly where to look and for what. Our marble printed notebooks come in a variety of colours so you can mix style with organisation.

Create a schedule

Scheduling time into your day/week/month to complete a task will make sure it gets done. Of course it takes some commitment on your part to actually do it, but having it in writing with a set time and day can push you to make the effort and actually get it done! It helps to distribute tasks evenly, rather than having one day to get everything done. This also helps designate tasks to others in your household – spread the workload and everything will get done a lot quicker!

An organised desk is an organised mind…

If you want your work life to be more organised, get yourself some desk accessories and stationery that will make you want to keep your desk clutter free. Sometimes, all it takes is some chic accessories like our Gold Wire Desk Organiser to make a huge difference to your workspace. You can also use our Creative Folders to store any important documents that you might need to carry back and forth to meetings. Organisation on the go!

For more home organisation, desk accessories and stationery, keep an eye on the latest products to drop at Chickidee HQ!

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