Mother Day Gift Idea - the mothers to do list

To the woman who made me, bathed me and raised me...

You taught me dignity, class and poise.

You spoke to me for hours about smelly boys.

You tucked me in and brushed my hair.

You listened to my problems with so much care.

You guided me through the sunshine and shielded me through the storm, you held onto my biggest secrets and kept me warm.

You wiped away my tears so that I could see, so this Mother's Day the 'To Do List' is from me.

Now...although this soul baring poem represents how I FEEL about my mother and I SHOULD shower her with beauty products 365 days a year, my actions have been quite the opposite over the years. Put it this way, my last few gifts have consisted of supermarket flowers, last minute chocolates and one free coupon for a home cooked meal.

After realising that "I don’t want anything" actuallymeans"shower me with affection" I am determined to do more than the bare minimum and change my ways for good.

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians celebrated their mothers with an annual festival? They would carry their mothers around the streets on a decorated chair to thank them for everything they’ve done. It sounds more exciting than how most of us celebrate our mothers today eh?

I couldn’t help but think, why can't I (in an intellectually progressed society) do something to make my mother feel special? Now- I'm not suggesting for one minute that I'm going to parade my mother around the streets of surrey on our living room chair... as this would be socially unacceptable, and the police would almost certainly be called. I am simply stating that my mother deserves the universe and deserves to feel like a queen.

Sunday the 11th March is about her and I'm going to remind her that she is the world's best mum with her very own 'To do list'. But instead of chores, and errands, this to-do list will be filled with suggestions on how to enjoy her day. I’m going to give her the ideas, the means, and the time to achieve everything on this list. Here’s a selection of what I’m including:

Mother's Day To Do List

Mum's usual to do lit contains chores and errands. This to do list is the complete opposite. It is full of mums favourite things to do. Plus, knowing how sentimental mum is, she will no doubt keep the list as a memento and stick it on the fridge. Here's what i put my Mother's Day To Do list.

1.Take a long hot steamy bath.