How to get that Scandi style

Perhaps one of the biggest trends to take over the interior design world over the past few years is Scandinavian style. The Nordic home decor style has become a source of inspiration for many interior design enthusiasts due to it being minimalist, chic and clean - it’s neutral without being boring. If you’re looking to get that Scandi style in your own home, follow our tips below!


Before you begin adding Scandi elements to your home, you’ll need to clear some space! The Scandinavians understand a thing or two about keeping the items you own to a minimum and creating a clean, open space free of clutter. The items you own should serve a purpose, be stylish and functional at the same time. So, get in the zone and start decluttering!

Add neutral textures

Scandi style is all about adding textures to a space. Not only do they bring warmth and cosiness, but layering textiles can make a place look stylish without being ‘styled’. Scandinavian decor is about making minimalism homely and functional so that it doesn’t look like you’ve just walked into a showroom.

Try layering rugs in neutral tones and patterns by placing them at an angle over one another. This adds dimension and warmth, grounding the room you’re in and making it instantly feel more snug.


Accessorise with wood & metals

Scandinavian design often mixes natural elements like wood with industrial finishes in metals. You’ll often find metal pendant lights hanging above a rustic wooden table as the quintessential Scandi style. You can replicate this look with smaller pieces of functional decor. Our skeleton clocks come in a rustic metal finish and are the perfect piece of Scandi wall decor, while wooden storage boxes bring in natural elements while also being a useful way to store trinkets.

Cosy up with candles

Scandinavian homes try to utilise natural light as much as possible but at nighttime, candles set the mood for an evening of relaxation and tranquility. Given that Scandi decor often consists of light colours, lighting candles can create a warm and cosy atmosphere, avoiding the clinical feel a white space might normally convey. Use glass lanterns to show off as much of that candlelight as possible.

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