Sustainable Wholesale Home Decor: Partnering with Eco-Friendly Homeware Wholesalers

The green revolution brings a demand for sustainable, eco-friendly homeware suppliers. And with this customer shift, retailer and e-trailers alike are looking at their supply chains, partners, and products for ways to create a planet-friendly sustainable home décor offering.

Partnering with eco-friendly UK homeware wholesalers matters for your homeware shop and can be the easiest and simplest way to instantly revitalise your own brand offering of green products.

Homeware wholesalers come in various forms, from large one-stop shop wholesale marketplaces to independent home décor wholesalers.

A good wholesaler makes it easy for you to understand the materials and ingredients of a product, being honest about what makes up a product so you can make informed decisions and answer any customer queries.

Materials like plastic are easy to work with, light, and cheaper than other alternatives. But it also comes with an environment cost casting a negative light on products made of and packaged in plastic. Look for alternatives to plastic, and where those alternatives are not possible like rattan, woods, and other sustainably grown materials. If plastic is still the optimal material for the product, seek products like the Chickidee storage crates which represent a great example of using recycled plastic in the production of the item.

Ingredients in home décor wholesale decision making also bare thought. With candles being one of the largest categories within home décor, customers are checking the ingredients of what makes up the candle more than ever. This aligns with green thinking and presents an opportunity for your brand or shop to be a leader in this space, which is set to remain strong over the coming years.

Marketing your products and their new green make up is the next step in the journey. Most home décor wholesalers who promote consciously manufactured products will already optimise packaging to include green credentials such as materials and ingredients mentioned above.

You can emphasise this further with your communications in store with point-of-sale materials from posters, signage and simple A5 print outs. You will also need to inform your staff about the new green focus and bring to the front of their minds to mention this to customers they interact with. Remember that being green isn’t just for your customers, but it will be a great driver to help employees be motivated to sell your items too.

Digital marketing will also require some thought, with correct signage on your website and anywhere you market online. This is particularly for materials/ingredients lists.

Tell the story and build a roadmap. Remember to avoid “green washing” by not overstating the impacts you’re making. Remain honest and open to keep customers trust and build loyalty to your brand. You may not be perfectly green just yet, but that’s ok, by roadmap in place for the next green move you’re making so customers feel you are progressing and heading in the right direction. Corporations like B-Corp have been setup to help show customers a brand is dedicated to a planet friendly operation. You don’t have to join a corporation like this, but there are learnings you can take from companies in your niche which are a part of this.

The move towards a greener business can be made easier by choosing the right home décor wholesalers to partner with. Chickidee can help by offering conscious home fragrance wholesale options, and planet friendly home décor.

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