Small Black Industrial Shelving Unit
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SKU: CHL-167640-K167

Small Black Industrial Shelving Unit

  • Measurements: Height 150cm x Width 126cm x Depth 41cm

    Colour: Black

    Wood: Cedar

    Our Industrial shelving unit is a fantastic storage solution for your plaques, safekeeps and loose items. Stylish and spacious with an option to transport from room to room, this easy tobuild unit impresses on multiple levels.

    We love how easily they can be disassembled and stored, making them perfect for pop ups or seasonal store changes. 



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    “Why do really well designed Interiors have to be so expensive?”
    Joe decided that great design should be inclusive, for everyone and Chickidee was born.
    “From a market cart we would start”
    It’s true. Joe wanted to change the Homeware experience forever, but he had to start somewhere! With such limited
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